About Ruttenberg Consulting, LLC

Helping people in organizations work better together.

Organizations thrive when their people work well with one another and falter when they don’t. Since 1997, we have focused on the people side of organizations, providing executive coaching, organization development, retreat design and facilitation, conflict resolution, and training. We also have a particular expertise in working with teams in conflict.

We believe our clients are in the best position to know what will ultimately work for them. They know their people, their culture, their mission, and their resources. We are skilled at eliciting honest feedback that allows them to access that knowledge. We then help them understand the feedback and develop concrete plans to move forward.

We recognize that simply providing an organization with the information that it needs is rarely sufficient to trigger actual change. Thus we work with and support people as they make the necessary adjustments.

We tailor our services to each client. We spend time helping our clients choose the optimal design and solutions based on their organization’s culture, needs, and resources. We also bring a broad range of knowledge and experience, allowing us to give our clients new perspectives on their issues and potential solutions.

Our clients include nonprofit, for-profit, public-sector, and professional services organizations.

Meet Tory


Tory Ruttenberg

Tory is the president of Ruttenberg Consulting, LLC, which she founded in 1997. Ruttenberg Consulting specializes in organization development, conflict resolution, facilitation, and executive coaching.

Prior to starting Ruttenberg Consulting, Tory practiced law for 11 years. She worked with Brown & Wood (since merged with Sidley & Austin), Jones Day, and the General Services Administration. She also had a brief stint at Lane & Edson, which folded four months after she arrived. (Working for a law firm as it was failing gave her many insights into what organizations must do to survive and thrive.)

Tory received her B.A., cum laude, from Yale University, her J.D. from the University of Virginia School of Law, and her certificate in organization development from Georgetown University’s School of Continuing Studies. While attending Yale, she spent a semester in Kenya with the National Outdoor Leadership School.

Tory is certified as a mediator by the Center for Dispute Settlement and has mediated more than 100 cases. She began as a pro bono mediator with the District of Columbia Mediation Service, where she resolved conflicts between coworkers, neighbors, and others with ongoing relationships. She later joined the District of Columbia Superior Court’s Multi-Door Dispute Resolution division, where she mediated divorce, child-visitation, and child-custody cases and, in a pilot program, child-abuse and child-neglect cases.

Tory is also certified to administer the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, the Firo-B, and the Center for Creative Leadership’s 360-degree assessment tools.

Tory was born and raised in Washington, D.C., where she currently lives and works.