Conflict Resolution

Conflict is a normal, and at times useful, part of any organization. Organizations often need to experience periods of conflict and upheaval to advance to the next level.

Excessive conflict, however, inhibits productivity, absorbs valuable management time, decreases morale, and can cause valued employees and clients to leave an organization. Managers frequently say that dealing with conflict between people is one of their most stressful activities.

As a certified mediator, group facilitator, and former practicing attorney, Tory Ruttenberg has been helping people resolve their disagreements and work better together since 1990. Tory helps organizations:


  • Resolve conflicts among senior partners, senior managers, and other key contributors

  • Resolve issues of governance, decision making, and trust among partners and leaders

  • Use conflict resolution techniques to build better business relationships with clients and staff, to work more effectively with difficult clients, and to hone their negotiation skills

  • Use the lens of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator to understand and resolve conflicts


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