Executive Coaching for Senior Leaders
and High-Potential Staff

In the 1990s, well before executive coaching was a common term in business, Tory Ruttenberg began coaching C-level executives, executive directors, partners, and high-potential managers in leading more effectively.


Because of her legal training, Tory has a nuanced understanding and a deep adherence to confidentiality. She quickly earns the trust of her clients, and they feel safe confiding in her about issues they can discuss with no one else in the organization.


Tory has found the majority of the senior managers she’s worked with to be committed, hardworking people with high integrity who haven’t been given the management tools, role models, and support needed to function at a high level. They turn to her as someone they can trust to help them improve at managing all the people who depend on them.


Tory enjoys coaching clients who are bright, driven, talented, and challenging; who don’t trust people easily; and who might even be described as “difficult.” She is an expert at helping clients work through situations that involve dramatic change and conflict.


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