Here are examples of projects on which Tory has worked.

Conflict Resolution Project

Mediation for two partners in conflict, one of whom, a founding partner, was threatening to leave.

Organization Effectiveness Project

Guiding 70 staff to develop, negotiate, and write practices and standards for a large office plagued with departures, conflict, and poor morale.

Executive Coaching for Senior Leaders and High-Potential Staff

Executive coaching for a high-potential woman working in a male-dominated multinational corporation.

Retreat Facilitation Project

Planning and facilitating a two-day retreat for senior staff great at generating ideas but not as great at implementing them.

Difficult Conversations Training Project

Training in how to have Difficult Conversations for lawyers struggling to handle very demanding clients.

Recruitment and Retention Project

Helping a firm retain its women partners, who were leaving even though family-friendly benefits were in place.