Time to Review

Time to Review

Having access to a lot of information, while good, is a whole lot better when the information is organized so that you can find what you are looking for. Taking that to heart, I have redone my website, including a great tag cloud that allows you to find whatever you want in my past newsletters (now called “Insights”). I hope you will take a look (http://bit.ly/1TNVBdp).

This month’s Insight actually covers two topics: what it took to get all this information organized, and how that process improved my decision-making process.For the past seven years I have written an (almost) monthly newsletter and posted it to my website as a pdf. This meant my website contained years of information which, up to now, was very poorly organized. I am delighted to let you know that has changed and now you can search the “Insights” page of my website for everything I have ever written about.

Let me tell you how this change came about, with a little frolic and detour into how to improve your decision-making process. During the course of this, I am going to name three people or organizations that were a great help to me. But just so we are clear, none of them have asked me to do this, or compensated me for it.

Sandler Sales

My journey begins about a year ago, when I realized that my least favorite part of self-employment was business development. I felt that I had no idea what I was doing and that I wasted a lot of time. So, on the recommendation of a colleague, I enrolled in a sales course with Ken Smith of Sandler Sales (http://bit.ly/1I6Xhyj).

One of the many topics we discussed is that if your potential client is waffling over whether to hire you, it is better to move on and find new potential clients. However, people tend to project their decision-making styles on others. Since I can overthink decisions, I tend to tolerate procrastination in others. When I told ken that I often waffle, so I found it challenging to move on more rapidly when others did the same, he just said, “Make better decisions. You can do it. Stop waffling.” While this was not exactly the open ended conversation I had in mind, I realized he was right.

Hera Hub

Now on to the next step of my journey. Although I spend a lot of time at my clients’ offices, I also spend a lot of time in my own home office, and I was beginning to climb the walls. Worse than that, my efficiency was plummeting. (As a small aside, Playboy has a very funny article about the trials and tribulations of working from home. And after reading it, you can now honestly say that you read Playboy for the articles (http://bit.ly/1BqjjIA).)

Lo and behold, however, I saw an ad on my local listserv for a co-working space, Hera Hub, which had just opened in my neighborhood. I made an appointment, wandered in, tried it out for a few hours and, using my new-found decision-making muscles, promptly signed up. I love it. Not only has my efficiency doubled, but it has all sorts of nifty programs (http://bit.ly/1NnIk9P).

Warnholz Consulting

This brings me to the third, and final, part of my journey. Hera Hub has “gurus” — members who hold free office hours and give advice in their area of expertise. The first week of my Hera Hub membership, I made an appointment with Trecia Warnholz, of Warnholz Consulting (http://bit.ly/1NvlZFa). Trecia’s area of expertise is web design, and my website desperately needed updating.

Before meeting with Trecia, I looked at her website and some of her projects and liked what I saw. And when I met with her, I liked her and I liked her suggestions. So I asked her what it would cost to upgrade my website and she quoted me a price that sounded fair. I almost waffled and said I needed to think it over. But Ken’s voice (“Just Make Better Decisions!”) wafted through my brain and I thought: “I like her. I like the way she explains things to me. I like her projects and experience. My website has needed this upgrade for several years now. And the price is fair. So what am I waiting for?” And I hired her.

What This Means for You

Here is why I am telling you all this:

First, for those of you out there who also waffle and procrastinate, it feels really really good just to decide.

Second, Trecia has done a wonderful job of tagging and organizing all my newsletters, so you can now click on a tag, like “decision making,” and all the newsletters I’ve ever written on this topic will float onto your screen. I hope you will take a few minutes and go back and review some of those old newsletters (which are now called “Insights”) and see what you learn (http://bit.ly/1TNVBdp).

Training Programs

In addition to management consulting, conflict resolution, and executive coaching, I offer tailored programs on a variety of related topics, including how to lead, delegate, communicate more effectively, deal with difficult people, manage conflict in the workplace, manage up, facilitate meetings, manage your career, and network.

Please let me know if there are other topics in which you are interested. If I don’t already have a program on that topic, I am happy to develop one that meets your needs.